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Tree felling, pruning and dismantling

Pruning is essential for keeping a trees growth under control, regular and correct pruning maintains the health of the tree and increases its recovery rate. Our team are well practiced in many pruning techniques such as; pollarding, crown lifting, crown thinning and deadwooding.. Pruning also improves the visual appearance of the tree or shrub. A tree may need felling or removing for various reasons for example if it has become hazardous to the safety of your property, neighbouring properties or the public. Our tree felling or dismantling services offer our customers a range of options when dealing with unwanted, diseased or dangerous trees. Our team are experienced in felling trees in confined areas and dismantling oppose to felling will be used when extra attention is needed to pay limit to the risk of damages.

Hedges cut, reduced and reshaped

Maintaining and tidying hedges is a speciality service supplied by the team at Bowman Arboriculture. We cut all types of hedges from the coniferous species to the deciduous types. Reducing the height and sides of a hedge will give a uniformed look, and a well maintained hedge makes for a great boundary and can improve privacy.

Stump grinding

We have the necessary equipment required for removing the stump after a tree has been removed. This can be done when the tree is cut down or some time after. The most common way to get rid of tree stumps is to have them ground below- ground level and we have the advanced machinery necessary to do so. Stump grinding prevents the growth of new shoots or any remaining roots that may cause inconvenience.

Grass cutting domestic and commercial

Here at Bowman Arboriculture we provide a variety of grass cutting services, from your domestic back garden lawns left with a striped finish or bigger domestic large areas that are cut with bigger machines. Strimming services are also available. We provide a fortnightly cut or will also cater for your individual needs.

24hrs Emergency Call Out

Repairing and erecting fences and gates

Having a new fence installed around the parameters of your garden can provide you with extra security and privacy as well as improving the appearance of your property. Bowman Arboriculture are able so supply and fit any fence necessary with your preferred posts and panels, We can take care of all aspects from start to finish. Over time with exposure to the elements existing fence panels and posts can become broken or damaged, if you don't wish to replace the entire fence then we are able to replace posts or mend panels as required. We are also able to supply and hang quality gates designed and erected to your requirements. Whether it's keeping in the children or animals or just for visual effect we are the company to turn to.

Supplying quality wood chippings

We supply quality wood chippings for flower beds, playgrounds, equestrian arenas and tree/ shrub plantations for the control of weeds.

Site clearance

We offer a site clearance service for both domestic and construction clients. We are able to remove trees, stumps and garden waste leaving a tidy area for you to work with.

We provide these professional services in Barwick in Elmet, Leeds and across West Yorkshire.

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You can expect a friendly greeting when you contact Bowman Arboriculture to seek any of our services. Our various contact details are below for you to choose from.


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